A couple weeks ago I was asked to come take the new Dyson hair dryer for a test drive, and of course there was no way I could say no. A long-time lover of the Dyson brand and technologies, adding a blow dryer to the mix made me SO excited! I had heard all good things when the product first hit the market but also heard a lot of buzz around how much it cost… to have seemingly perfectly blown out hair. Ridiculous? or necessary? So today I thought I’d take this opportunity to break down exactly why all the rage and my thoughts on whether or not its even worth the price. More on that below, but first!

With summer right around the corner I’ve been wanting to make some changes to my tresses. Nothing major, just a little tweaking to achieve a healthy, fuller summer look. I’ve been going to BRUSH Salon in Gastown for more than a year now and before I was sent there, my hair was really damaged and over the year we’ve slowly been making progress to getting it back to it’s optimal health. If you’re interested here’s a peek at our last post here.

Since then we’ve been slowly adjusting the colour to get it just right! Recently I’ve been wanting to go a little lighter with summer on it’s way but I also wanted Kat (my stylist) to help me achieve a fuller, more healthful look. We decided to add in a few extensions to help out the front of my hair, I’ve always had layers in the front but lately been wanting more of a blunt look, that’s all one length. For whatever reason, no matter how hard I’ve tried those pieces in the front never seem to grow out (despite not trimming them) so this seemed like the best solution.

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I’ve never had extensions before and worried a little about the maintenance but Kat gave me a couple tips to help keep things as healthy as possible:

  1. Use a wet brush and wear loose braids at night.
  2. Air dry as much as you can, adding salt spray for a beachy look. Kat recommends salt spray by Davines.
  3. Use a good hair oil on the ends for shine and hydration. Kat recommends Oi oil by Davines.
  4. Do a hair mask once a week on your ends. For this, Kat recommends she Umurea moisture velvet for deep hydration.

Now, on to what you really want to know. How was the Dyson Supersonic, whats the big deal and how the hell much?! I do admit, the price tag is a little much however – it does come with good reason. Not only is it more quiet, much lighter (and less bulky) than your standard hair dry but it’s technology includes all digital settings, built-in air temperature measurement helping to prevent extreme heat damage and protect your hair’s natural shine. It cuts down (big time) on drying time (especially now having extensions, they do take longer to dry and of course Im trying my best to keep them as healthy as possible and this helps a lot) and also comes with three attachments that click on magnetically (attachments includes a smoothing nozzle, styling concentrator and a diffuser).

We shot a fun video (below) for Dyson a few weeks ago at BRUSH Salon and I’ve been dying to share it, but wanted to take some time to test out the hair dryer at home so I could give my honest feedback.


I’ve been really impressed by how quick it takes to now blow dry my hair and also how smooth my hair becomes. My hair use to be somewhat frizzy even after blow drying it, usually I would take a straightening iron to my hair to finish off the look, but using the Dyson supersonic I can skip that step entirely because it leaves my hair feeling frizz-free and smooth as can be. There’s even a notification that comes on when you need to clean the filter – so smart!

While I would usually be telling you all to go out and get one to try for yourself because I love it so much, I have to be real in saying that this is a very expensive item to purchase and had I not been gifted one from Dyson I can’t say that I would be running to the store to go pick it up. I would however, save up to invest in the tool because I believe this is a product that will last. I’ve had a lot of experience with Dyson vacuums since they came out and their products last forever and are extremely well made. It would also be a great investment if you are someone who styles and blow dries your hair daily because you’d cut down on hours of styling/dying time per week plus you’d be putting your hair through less havoc using this tool.

I’m thinking of sharing a tutorial on my Instagram stories showing you how it works, so if this is something you might like to watch please reach out to me and let me know!

Videography by: Carl Leducq-Williams of A Moment Created


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