The Juicery Co.

I’ve always been curious about doing a juice cleanse, and juice regularly at home using my Nutri Bullet, but never pulled the trigger on trying a third party cold-pressed juice cleanse. I was so excited when The Juicery Co. approached me to try a 2-day cleanse before our post-Christmas trip to Hawaii.

Usually you’d wait until after the holidays to start your cleanse, but seeing as I was pressed for time, and looking for a healthy alternative to dieting before my trip, it actually worked out perfect for me. I was able to detox my system the week before Christmas and when it came time to chow down on turkey and all the trimmings, of course I enjoyed a little of everything but I found I actually didn’t ‘need’ to indulge quite as much as I usually might.

Over 2 days, I drank 12 bottles of brightly colored, raw, organic, cold pressed juice – and from it I gained a thankful body, clear mind, increased energy and glowing skin.

I spent the morning at The Juicery Co.’s beautiful space learning all about what goes into each bottle and all its benefits, which you can learn about here. I strongly encourage you to try out even a one-day cleanse if you are interested. It’s the perfect way to kick-start the New Year, release toxins, revitalize and restore your body. A fresh start to the new year!

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Photography: Taya Photography | Makeup: Denise Elliot Makeup Artistry  | Outfit provided by: Joe Fresh


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