It can get pretty hectic around here during the week so come the weekend I try to take Sundays to rest and recharge a little. Part of that includes taking a little time to pamper myself so I can feel my best come Monday morning.

This ritual often includes painting my nails, taking a bubble bath, giving myself a hair mask and one little trick I’ve been using that seriously makes me feel like I’m getting a mini facial at home! It’s so simple it almost sounds silly giving it the attention of it’s own post, but it’s just too good not to share.

Over the summer I was having a hard time with my skin breaking out since we were having a serious heatwave, but at the time we were over at our cabin on the island so my options were limited. To give my skin a break and a chance to clear and hydrate I started steaming. Yes, steaming! It’s probably my no.1 way to feel instantly refreshed at home without having to spend (nearly) any time or money! All you need is a sink, hot water and a soft face cloth.

The first step is to soak a soft face cloth in hot water until saturated, ring it out then drape the cloth over your entire face and hold ends up to close off the steam so it has no where to go. Press the towel into your skin while taking a few deep breaths – you can add a few drops of essential oils to the towels for added zen, I love Aerin Beauty Rose Oil. You will instantly feel the steam opening up your pores for better product penetration. Start with a face steam, then follow with a mask to finish. Steps below:

  1. Soak face cloth in hot water
  2. Wring towel — careful, hot!
  3. Place towel over complete face & press into face
  4. Gently wipe from side to side to remove any additional makeup or cleanser from face
  5. Follow with a mask or your regular beauty routine to hydrate

Added a few beauty essentials to help create your spa date at home below:

You should give it a try!


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