Since this is basically how I wear my jewelry everyday, you could say I’ve become a bit of an expert on the matter. I love a dainty, layered look. It’s simple, pretty, not too overstated and elevates any outfit. Even sweats — see below:


  1. Collect your favourite pieces over time: chains, coins, charms, some personalized with initials or special mementos that mean something to you. Of course, you don’t have to do this. I just think it’s special to wear pieces that hold significant sentimental value. All of my pieces from Bip & Bop have an initial, date or name engraved into them and were given to me at significant times in my life.
  2. When building your layers to finish off an outfit, choose 2 or 3 to style together. You could even go with more but depending on your look it could start to look tacky, the idea is simple details.
  3. Layer! You want each necklace to hang at a slightly different length so when they are worn, they are all visible, giving you that effortless, layered look.

Appropriate storage: it’s crucial to keep your jewels organized on display or packed away when they aren’t in use, so they don’t get into a tangled mess. You KNOW how horrific that is.

To avoid losing hours on detangling duty, I got this organizing stand to hang all my necklaces but I was recently gifted this little travel case from Lavender & Grace so I can travel in the same fashion.

Since I always get asked, I thought it would be helpful to share some of my current favourite pieces and designers with you in case you’re looking to add any new ones to your collection:

Leah Alexandra: Luna Crescent Moon Necklace | St. Christopher Necklace

Charme Silkiner: Devani Necklace | Daxx Necklace| Issaleh Necklace | Raiden Necklace

Bip & Bop: Personalized Cluster (I got my new last name & our wedding date engraved on mine when we got married) | Luna Half Moon Necklace

Lavender & Grace: Jo Necklace | Mini Coin Necklace

Do you have any others I should be adding to my list?? What are some of your faves? XO


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