If you watch my stories from time to time you’ve probably noticed by now that I love trying out new beauty products. It kind of reminds me of when I was younger, making trips to the mall to spend my hard earned allowance on a new mascara that promised long lashes. But to be honest, if you’re living in the Vancouver area and hoping on getting into the housing market anytime in the near future, highlighters and sheet masks are a total splurge. It’s expensive and I know if I wasn’t in the position I’m in there’s NO WAY I’d be able to try the amount of, and types of products I have. I feel like part of my job is to report back on products that I truly love and get excited about, so you don’t have to do any guesswork on what to spend your hard earned money on.

Doing what I do for a living I often get sent a lot of products that are gifted to me to try out (in hopes that I will write about it or mention it on social media) but the truth is that only a very small portion is actually shared with you. I take my time when it comes to product testing, it’s important to me that I spend time learning, trying and giving it a fair shot before I start sharing my opinions. It IS after all my name on the line when recommending any product, brand or service and THIS is my livelihood so I tread lightly when it comes to promotion of any kind. The products that you see on my blog and on my social channels are only those which I absolutely love and have personally found success with.

I keep for myself, only the products I feel really align with my personal style and the rest are either shared with friends and family or donated to someone who can put them to good use. I’ve been testing a bunch of really great products for a while now, so I feel like I can finally give you a short breakdown. Below are the 10 products I’m loving right now:

10 Beauty Products I’m Currently Loving

Kerastase Densifique Shampoo & Conditioner
Kerastase Materialiste Thickening Spray
Eos Lip Balm
Dyson Hair Dryer
Burberry ‘First Kiss’ Fresh Gloss
Charlotte Tilbury Magic Dry Sheet Mask
Burberry ‘Cat Lashes’ Mascara
Aerin Rose Oil
Burberry Highlighter Palette
Skinceuticals H.A. Intensifier



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