MONDAY. The last word anyone wants to hear after the weekend. I use to look at Mondays with a whole lot of dread and anxiety but I’ve recently come to terms with my own perspective and found ways to make the most of it. Instead of feeling bogged down by Mondays I’ve learned to hit the reset button and look at them as a fresh start to working my way towards my best self. You can too, read my tips on how to shift your perspective below:

  1. Get out of your head: Think of each new week as a fresh start to get a little closer to your best self. For me personally, that means eating cleaner, drinking more water, taking care of myself as best as I can, keeping active.. etc. It’s about building on last week’s progress to get stronger, fitter, healthier and more optimistic than the last. Remember that little changes every day transform into big results. I try really hard not to get bogged down by little setbacks and instead try to use them as lessons to do better next time. I’ve found that by focusing on improving my daily habits, it’s lead to greater progress in my professional life as well.
  2. Use your Sundays wisely: I mean, we all need a day of rest but ever since I started using my Sundays to prep for the week ahead I’ve been doing just that – getting ahead. Take even just 30 minutes out on Sunday to tidy up your workspace (if you work from home), pack your tote bag so it’s ready for the next day, scribble in your to-do’s to allow yourself to schedule your time efficiently so you have more room to succeed.
  3. Make time for YOU: this one’s kind of an extension of the last point, but another helpful habit to get into is to set aside a bit of me-time every weekend (I prefer Sundays) to relax. Take a bath, try a sheet mask, read a book whatever helps you relax and focus on what makes your heart happy will help you feel like you’ve had time to decompress and relax before another busy week.
  4. Set weekly (mini) goals: If you write out your (big) goals and work backwards it will give you a really good sense of what you need to be tackling each week to hit those big ones. Sunday night I usually sit down to my desk and mark down my workouts, or if I can’t get to the gym how I will keep active etc. Keeping an organized day planner is key to staying on track.
  5. Get your beauty sleep: can’t stress this one enough! Head into each new week feeling rested and refreshed. Sunday nights we make herbal teas and head to bed a little on the early side (even if we do watch a show or read in bed) so we wake up feeling ready to tackle the week full of energy and enthusiasm.

I hope these couple of tips help you conquer your mindset on Mondays!! I’d love to hear your thoughts below (and if you have any tips for me!!), so feel free to leave a comment xo


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