Who doesn’t love the feeling of escaping to the spa?
The smells, the sounds, the attention to details… more than ever before, people are looking to escape the confinement of their own four walls (bc you know, corona).

If life has taught me anything over the years its how to make the most out of what I have. And if there’s something in mind that I want, all I need to do is create it. I am someone who really values my alone time. I like to retreat to recharge and have nailed down my at-home spa experience.

As you can imagine I test out my fair share of products, but I only keep a few in rotation. Listing a handful of products I’d highly recommend below:


Nourishing hair care: I started using Dae shampoo & conditioning system 4-weeks ago and my hair looks shiny and has been feeling super healthy.

Hydrating Treatment Mask: Wander Beauty‘s 2-in-1 shampoo + body wash is super invigorating (as are ALL of their product scents). I love to top my shampoo treatment with Wander’s Scenic Route Hair Mask.

This mask is formulated with a combination of grape seed and coconut oil to seal in moisture and promote shine without adding weight. Hair is left silky, frizz-free and style-ready. It’s also silicone free, & synthetic fragrance free. Obsessed with this formula, highly recommend.

Gentle exfoliator(s): this might sound silly, but one thing that has kept me feeling refreshed during this time has been a glowy, natural looking tan. Of course (living in Vancouver) I rely on Luna Bronze or Bali Body to achieve this. You know how you can keep your tan longer? Use an exfoliator and moisturize. I love using Herbivore’s Coco Rose Coconut Oil Body Polish in a hot shower before applying any self-tanner. Goop’s G.Tox 5 Salt Detox Boy Scrub is another great one.

Dry brush: helps to exfoliate, increase circulation, eliminate toxins and stimulates lymphatic system just to name a few pros… but also, another way to exfoliate skin.

Fresh eucalyptus: to re-create a spa-like experience at home, I’ve been hanging fresh eucalyptus in our shower. The trick is to hammer out the leaves (to release the aromas – can also roll leaves with a wine bottle) and hang behind the shower nozzle. Run the hot water for a few mins and the steam activates and releases the essential oils from the plant creating this soothing aromatherapy throughout your whole bathroom. Since this hack works so well, i’m thinking of trying out lavender and mint next.

Body wash: when I’m not using Wander’s body wash I’ve been loving this delicious British Rose shower gel I got from The Body Shop. It’s part of the company’s refill initiative.

What’s currently in your shower caddy?


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