If you read my last post you know I’m big into energy. I believe that your energy attracts the life experiences you ultimately have.

We are living through crazy times right now, with a lot of challenges and uncertainty. I know for so many as well as myself, some days I wake up and feel totally normal and other days I wake up feeling just MEH. Unmotivated, frustrated and just off.

So, I put together a list of mood shifters — things that I use to safeguard my mood / momentum / energy when things get unexpected. These are all things that have helped me move through discomfort and into a better state of mind & mood.


Music: I’ve always used music to influence how I feel. On the drive to the gym — you can be rest assured music is blasting from my car. I need it to get into work-mode. Same goes for at home. Having soft music playing in the background sets the mood and helps relieve worry & anxiety by creating a more pleasant environment.

Order yummy takeout: let’s face it, when I’m feeling MEH the last thing I want to do is actually cook a meal. Give yourself a break and order takeover from your favourite local restuarant. Not only will it give you a break but you’ll be supporting local business in the process. I’ve shared a list of my local favourites here.

Be gentle with yourself: when I’m not feeling my best, I’ve learned to let go and take some time to reset. Granted, I don’t have kids so it’s a lot easier for me to say since I’m not there. But if you can step away for even 15-20 mins, sometimes drawing a bath or doing a short yoga video can be life changing.

Good sleep: everything is better on a good nights sleep. What we’ve done at our house is create a bedtime ritual about 30 mins before we go to bed. I like to turn down the bedsheets and make it all cozy, turn our diffuser on and basically prep the room for sleep. Makes the whole wind-down process a lot more calming and relaxing. A spritz of sleep mist over my silk pillow case and I’m ready to turn in.

Vitamin D: sunshine makes everyone happy. And lucky for us, the weather in Vancouver has been GORG. So, xavi & I have been taking advantage and sitting in our backyard every afternoon. He sleeps and I get work done on a laptop. Just that hour or two of sun outside makes such a huge difference in my mood.

Read: it’s no secret that I love to read. But I don’t like to read fiction novels or anything like that, I read to study. And I’m obsessed with reading all types of business, mindset, philosophy books that I can apply to my own life and business. You can grab my booklist here.

Walk: never underestimate the power of a walk. I have a dog so, basically a built-in excuse to take many walks each day. Even if we only go around the courtyard or down the block, the fresh air always clears my head. Sometimes just getting outside in the morning is enough to reset my whole day.

Diffuser: we have used diffusers for years and swear by them. You can get different essential oils for different things — I like all the fresh scents and anything that smells like the Rainforest or ocean. To wind down at the end of the day, we run relaxing spa blends in our bedroom to prep the room for sleep.

Do you have any mood shifters? Leave them below!


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