It’s no secret I like to take particular care and preventative action when it comes to my skincare. I love a good routine; a facial steam, my favourite serums and beauty tools to smooth, tighten and boost product absorption… what’s not to love? I know 100% it has attributed to my healthier skin (it’s glowing, no joke!), but lately I’ve been getting the most random comments/questions like; do you do botox? have you ever gotten fillers? what have you had “done”?

While I don’t hold ANY judgement towards people who do choose to go that route, [I won’t say ‘never’ because I’m not sure how I will feel about any of these topics in a few years] as of right now I have never done anything invasive to my face to alter or enhance my appearance. Super flattering though!

I put a lot of care on the outside of my body, face etc. I also wanted to be sure I was matching my behaviours on the inside. I’ve been taking a daily collagen from Vital Proteins to help give me a boost internally and support healthy hair & nails, brighter skin, bone & joint health, muscle recovery and more.

Muscle recovery is a big one because I box so much I get super sore but I have noticed over the last few weeks I’ve been way less sore than I normally would be. Maybe its just a coincidence but rather, I think not!

Images by: Melissa Skoda

Every morning, after my morning coffee….. I drink a green protein smoothie that my husband makes me and a 1L glass of ice water with lemon and two scoops of collagen peptides. In the morning, one of my first priorities is to hydrate so I ALWAYS start the day with a large ice water. Some days can be more hectic than others but knowing I’ve got at least this down makes me feel like I’m taking better care of my body.

Water is such an underrated beauty staple, I think! Staying hydrated does wonders for your skin and complexion, not to mention just helps your body function overall.


Collagen is a protein made up of amino-acids that help our body’s connective tissue, skin, hair, and nails stay as healthy as possible. It’s the most abundant protein in the body and helps give structure to our hair, skin, nails, bones, ligaments and tendons. It’s because of collagen that we are better able to move, bend and stretch and it’s also responsible for helping your hair shine, skin glow and nails stay strong.

As we age, and the more stress we put on our body, the greater the impact on collagen production. Getting collagen in your balanced diet can help your body regenerate what’s been lost or broken down.


+ Improves health of skin & hair
+ Reduces joint pain & degeneration
+ Excellent for your gut health (helps heal ‘leaky gut’)
+ Boost metabolism, muscle mass & energy output
+ Strengthens hair, nails & teeth
+ Improves liver health
+ Protects cardiovascular health

Are you taking a daily collagen? If you are, have you noticed any changes? Let me know in the comments below xx



  1. Yes! I do take a daily collagen and it helps me to be less sore after my workouts! Skin is a LOT healthier and I feel so much better.

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