Every six months or so I like to book in an apt. to see my dermatologist at Project Skin. I started going to them years ago to help manage my malasma and horrible hormonal acne but since they’ve helped me solve (for the most part) those issues, I now go in for regular express facials about every 4-6 months.

Project Skin’s Glow Room offers a range of luxurious 30-60 minute facials — I love to do a 30-min Glycolic Peel. It’s a personalized clinical peel treatment by SkinCeuticals that helps maintain my skin’s radiance and day-to-day health. It kind of covers all my basis – no downtime, exfoliates and stimulates skin to correct fine lines, pores, congested skin, acne, blemishes and irregular pigmentation.

After just a 30 minute session my skin feels buttery soft, texture improved, skin tone evened. I can tell you I see and feel a noticeable difference from when I walked in. They are a bit of an investment but if you are going to the right people, they’re life changing. Chemical peels and regular facials stimulate the production of collagen, which helps reveal new skin that feels smoother and looks refreshed.

Never say never, but I’d prefer to continue to take preventative measures and do things as non-invasively as I can (regular facials, consistent skincare routine, beauty rollers & tools, serums, masks etc.) before f*cking with my face. I’m in my early thirties and I feel like the best chance my skin has at aging gracefully will be the attention that I’ve given it throughout all those years. Which is why, for example I’ve made 5 mins of rolling (with my Nurse Jamie or Quartz roller) a priority every day.

Going into Project Skin on a regular basis also helps make it easy for me to maintain my daily skincare. I use the Clarisonic Mia Smart 3-in-1 device to cleanse, apply serums, de-puff, massage & apply makeup. I love it because its connected to an App that tracks everything from my beauty routines to battery life and customizes my preferences based on skin sensitivities or goals.

Any changes due to things like the environment or seasonal changes we address in our apt. and then I switch out my products accordingly. I’ve used Skinceuticals for years and while I love to try new skincare products out all the time I consistently rely on my Skinceuticals products to keep my skin in-check between visits.



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