Happy Valentines Day!!! Today I am so excited to have teamed up with Best Buy Canada to share a bit about how technology has helped build our relationship for the better. This might sound a bit backwards since people usually complain about how technology has hindered their relationship for the worst, but trust me when I say with a few tips and boundaries it’s helped shape our home and busy lifestyle for the best. Read on for my 3 tips to keeping connected:

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My husband, Roberto and I have always been used to it being just the two of us. We’ve never had to worry about anything other than ourselves and our careers. That is, until this little ball of love (named Xavi, pronounced ‘Cha-vi’) turned up in our lives about three weeks ago. Since welcoming our puppy into our home we’ve had to make a lot of adjustments and we’ve really had to make sure we’re communicating properly and always (or as much as humanly possible) on the same page. Never again will “running out to grab some cream” be the same. Instead of just “running out” on a whim, every outing must be carefully executed and timed out for when puppy goes down for his nap time(s). Thankfully at only 11 weeks old he sleeps for most of the day, but taking him outside, tiring him out, eating, going potty etc. does take a lot of time and careful scheduling around mine and my husbands work schedules. I do work from home, so were very grateful that this allows the whole process to be a little easier – I can’t even imagine worrying about him all day from an office. To make sure we’re keeping up with our household responsibilities we’ve started implementing a few apps to help keep us connected and on-top of our daily to-do’s:

  1. Download helpful apps like Wunderlist and Slack: these apps help keep the lines of communication open to organize and share your to-do’s, work, grocery, movies and household lists. We have our lists synced together so we are instantly updated throughout the day if the other has edited or made changes such as.. “we’re out of puppy pads, please pick up on the way home!”, saving me an extra trip out the door where I’d have to leave Xavi in his crate.
  2. Set clear boundaries: since we aren’t together throughout the day we keep connected on our iPhones but that being said, we are old school at our house about eating dinners together so come 5pm both our phones are away in our bedroom, plugged in to be charged so we can soak up all the uninterrupted QT we can! While we love and appreciate the convenience that technology brings we do set clear boundaries when we are physically together and keep the attention on us rather than our phones.
  3. Keep the spark alive: my hubby and I have been partners in crime for over 9 years but that doesn’t mean that we don’t still send sweet messages to each other throughout the day. Keeping each others happiness top of mind is something thankfully we both hold very important to us, so I’m always sure to send Roberto cute updates on IG Stories of our puppy so he can get to see what he’s getting up to during the day. We also love to FaceTime each other when we’re apart, it’s always a great way to check-in and quickly catch up.

I mentioned last week that we don’t typically exchange gifts for Vday, we do however gift flowers, pick up specialty chocolates and prepare our favourite meal together (with wine, of course) at home for a cozy night in. If you are in the market for a few new gadgets, I’ve also rebounded up some of my current favourite picks from Best Buy Canada below:


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Happy Valentines Day!!

This post was brought to you by Best Buy Canada.
Photography by Allison Kuhl 


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