I hope you all had a wonderful Easter long-weekend! I lived in my white eyelet dress over the weekend, to brunches, afternoon strolls and Easter dinner, styling it subtly for each occasion to give a slightly different twist. I love it’s intricate die-cut embroidery, textural details and effortless fit – this dress reminded me of a similar Isabel Marant design. It wasn’t the most budget-conscious option I could have chosen for me personally, but it’s versatility is worth the cost. Over the weekend I styled it simply, with a pretty tote, tassel earrings and wedge espadrille sandals for a more polished, Easter-dinner-appropriate look and switched it up during the day on Saturday for a brunch with friends, this time completing the look with a jean jacket and rose quartz quilted, mini crossbody (same sandals). There are so many ways to style this dress, I can’t wait to pair it with my quilted leather jacket, or even a structured blazer.

IMG_1807 IMG_1966 IMG_1885 IMG_1806 IMG_2001 IMG_1932 IMG_1894 IMG_1852 IMG_1911 IMG_1908 IMG_2070 Switched up my look for brunch with the girls, threw on a jean jacket and changed to a rose quartz, quilted mini crossbody bag.
IMG_2050 IMG_2132 IMG_2135 IMG_2113 IMG_2164 IMG_2051 IMG_2124 (1) IMG_2134 IMG_2143 IMG_2121


In other news… I’m sure by now you’ve all heard about the changes that are being made to Instagram tomorrow. I personally feel a little nervous about these changes and worry about it’s effects to small businesses and influencers like myself who’s business drives largely from using Instagram’s platform. I can only hope that smaller accounts (like mine) won’t suffer too much from being placed at the bottom of your feed.

My aim at The Working Girl is to continue to share daily inspirations, valuable and interesting, carefully created content for you, my readers. I really and truly value and appreciate the time you take to check out my work and to share your thoughts, comments and possibly even a double tap. Your support means the world to me and I can only hope to slowly-but-surely continue to build my online community to serve more like-minded women like yourselves, despite any changes that may come our way. If you too are a small business struggling with this, then I would simply encourage you to keep pushing forward, believing steadily in your work, your vision, your love for what you do and hope that we all won’t get lost in the shuffle! All this being said, it’s not all bad news and after doing a little research, I’m thinking these changes might actually help us all to create the best possible content while bringing readers, followers and consumers more of the content we are really interested in seeing. The work is up to us! As long as we all understand the parameters surrounding the Instagram changes, and take necessary actions to continue to interact and engage with the Instagrammers, people and brands we love to follow, then our feeds can only be filled with what we love. Does that make sense?

So in short, I’m not suggesting you ‘turn on notifications’  like my entire feed has been sharing all morning, (apparently all that will do is drain your phone battery bc of notifications that will appear on your home screen). Instead, I am suggesting that we all keep engaging with what we love! The best thing you can do (always) to show your continued support is to like, comment and keep sharing the content and images you like most! By engaging with the images you like the most, you are telling Instagram that is what you want to see more of and the algorithm will pull more of those images and that type of content to appear on your feed. If you are still a little confused or have any questions, please do not hesitate to email or message me below and I will try my best to clarify.

Thank you so much for always sticking by me and supporting my work! If you want to keep following my Instagram posts, I encourage you to keep coming to my page to see the latest in fashion, beauty, home design and soon… lots of travel, and to engage (like, comment, share) with the images you love the most and what you would like to see more of moving forward. I am dedicated to bringing you the best content possible and am always open to hearing what you’d like to see more of. Thank you!



  1. Gorgeous dress! That looks like Steveston, such a pretty place! I couldn’t agree more about the instagram changes, my feed has been nothing but “turn on notifications” posts all day but it’s so much better to actually engage with your fave IG accounts. Hopefully that way people will engage back and nobody gets lost in the changes.

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