I shared my go-to lunch salad last week and it was the highest viewed blog post I’ve ever published so I thought I’d continue the series again this week.

I often get asked what kinds of snacks I have during the week, especially since my schedule is always changing and most days are either spent working from home or on the road. When it comes to snacks, I’m looking for; filling, yummy, satisfying and healthy – but also easy to make on a time crunch.

First, I thought it might be helpful for me to list out some of my go-to healthy snacks I reach for through the week:

+ fresh veggie plate w/ nuts & seeds
+ seaweed & cup of green tea
+ toasted almonds & cup of black tea (when I say ‘toasted’ I mean microwaved for 2mins, the flavour is amazing)
+ veggie chips
+ garlic pita chips & hummus
+ coconut clusters (from Costco)
+ Lara bars (faves are choc chip & pb choc chip)
+ Coconut PB power balls by Erin Ireland

Of course, a staple that I regularly opt for are avocado toasties. Whether I’m having a slice of avocado toast for breakfast or spreading avocado on rye crackers topped with cucumber & lemon, it’s one of my favourites for sure! Simple, fresh, healthy, easy to put together and SO satisfying.


  • ripe avocados: you want soft but not too mushy
  • lemon
  • s & p
  • chilli flakes
  • cucumber
  • rye crackers
  • a healthy-ish slice of bread (we have ancient grain & quinoa)

TO DO [avocado toast]:

  1. toast your slice of bread
  2. spread avocado over toast
  3. top with s & p, chilli flakes and a squeeze of lemon juice

TO DO [avo toasties]:

  1. grab 2 or 3 rye crackers
  2. spread avocado on crackers
  3. squeeze of lemon, s & p on top
  4. then top with thinly sliced cucumbers for a fresh crunch & another little squeeze of lemon juice (s&p to taste)

Easy! If there are any other recipes, snacks or ideas you’d like to see on the blog let me know in the comments below xoxo


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