2020 has been a transformative year to say the least. I’m getting exhausted just thinking about it. Which is why I feel like its more important than ever that I personally take the time to wind down, relax & reset. The point being to NOT fill my calendar with to-do’s but rather take some much-needed time to do all those little tasks I haven’t had the time for. Here are 10 things I’m looking forward to doing over the holiday break:

TAKING TIME TO REST: 2020 has kept me on my toes in more ways than one, so I’m really looking forward to unplugging a bit and taking some time to rest, watch movies, take naps and not get out of my pyjamas.

READING: I love to read and prefer reading books that cover topics like personal development, business building & mindset. I’ve shared my booklist here, and have since added a bunch of new ones to my list that I hope to finish over the holidays. I find it so therapeutic and such a good way to learn + sharpen my skillset.

REFLECTING: I’m planning on dedicating some solid time to reflect on this past year and what actions I did take to move my business forward. And not only for business, but also just how I’ve used my energy this year to keep pushing myself to be and do my best. I like to open up a fresh notebook and write out notes on things that went well, things that didn’t, or things I could improve on moving forward.

QT WITH MY FAMILY: while seeing extended family is a little questionable still, I’m looking forward to having my husband off during the break so we can just veg together and have lots of snuggle time with our dog.

ORGANIZING: I don’t know about you, but after Xmas our place tends to look like a bomb went off! My office becomes the official dumping ground (since we don’t have much storage) and gifts that we received all need a home, so it’s always a good time to purge and organize, room to room – once I’ve regained some energy lol.

DONATING: I like to purge my closet on the regular and prefer to take everything to be donated to the Union Gospel Mission in Vancouver. They have a store onsite where they sell donations and the money goes directly back into UGM to support their ongoing programs.

GIVING TO OTHERS: my favourite part of the holidays are finding ways to make other peoples day. Whether thats carrying loaded gift cards to give out to people in need, finding that perfect gift for somebody special, or putting together gift baskets for family, for me it’s much more fun to gift than to get.

INVESTING IN MY BUSINESS: when Covid hit back in March I had invested in some personal coaching programs (a pitching course + With Honors) to extend my learnings. Then summer came and things started to get busy, pushing these extra learnings to the side. January is typically a very slow month for my business, so I fully plan to take some time to finish what I started and get through the modules so that I can apply them to my business for the 2021 year.

CLEAN OUT MY INBOX: my emails tend to overflow if I let them, so nows the perfect time to take a morning to clear out my inbox – organize emails I want to save in a folder and delete the clutter. Tie up loose ends and have a clean slate for 2021. Always feels so good and an end-of-year office ritual.

COOKING + EATING: I fully plan to take advantage of all the goodness that the holidays have to offer – Christmas baking, turkey dinners, hot cocoa, the works! I love to cook and my hubby and I both really enjoy good food. It’s pretty much the epicentre of our home and something I’m really looking forward to enjoying this year. Then, once Jan rolls around I’m always excited to eat clean, drink delicious juices and bounce into a healthier mind frame.

What are you most looking forward to enjoying this holiday?


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