We don’t make it to Costco as much as we used to (before we moved), but when I do get there, there are definitely essentials that I reach for that are worth the trip. Let’s be honest, I could go nuts in Costco! I could very easily fill my cart with all kinds of blocks of cheese, frozen appetizers, and the latest kitchen appliance, but this post covers the items I would consider ‘essentials’. What I typically grab during a quick shop, things that won’t blow the bottom line lol. I have also covered my Costco Snacks + Pantry Staples in this post, here.

RX BARS: they have the 2-pack of Chocolate Sea Salt and Peanut Butter Chocolate. Perfect grab-and-go snack.

SMART SWEETS: the way to kick the sugar, with only 3g per bag. When I went to Costco, they had the Peach Rings & Sweet Fish, but you can also order Cola Gummies online. Shockingly, I’ve tried them all.

UNREAL: dark chocolate coconut minis – these were new to me, but added to cart out of pure intrigue. I have a major sweet tooth and love something sweet with a hot cup of tea at the end of a long day. Update: can confirm they are good!!

GROUND TURKEY: super cost effective & nice to have for week-night, throw-together meals or to keep on hand in the freezer. They also had organic whole chickens at a really great price, too.

HUMMUS: this is the base for my vegan caesar salad dressing, so we actually go through quite a lot of this stuff. I’ve tried everything, this is the best flavor & bang for your buck. Amazing on a charcuterie board with crackers + cheese. It’s creamy & light and so good!!

ORGANIC BABY SPINACH: I freeze these & use them in smoothies throughout the week.

MARY’S ORGANIC CRACKERS: so good topped with hummus + sliced cucumbers, or crunched on top of my favorite week-day salad.

ORGANIC COCONUT + CASHEW BUTTER GRANOLA: looooove this stuff. I load it onto smoothie bowls – the perfect hint of sweet.

ORGANIC WILD BLUEBERRIES: always, for the freezer.

AVOCADO OIL: we get ours from Costco, bc it’s way cheaper.

ORGANIKA ELECTROLYTES PACKETS: didn’t see these online, but picked them up in-store. They are little hydration packets, lemonade flavor, that you can add to your water to accelerate your hydration. They’re loaded with vitamin C, magnesium, 0g of sugar and taste really good.

Karen for Good Health Phytoplankton Tablets: the phytoplankton tablets I started taking recently (you can read more on that, here) are now available online at Costco!! Karen Optimum Tablets are available in a 60-day supply at only $57.99. Alternatively, Karen for Good Health also offers online subscriptions, where customers can try supplements for less than a dollar a day, with a money-back guarantee and free shipping on all orders.

FYI Karen for Good Health is a Canadian-based marine phytoplankton supplement company that aims to improve overall health through their natural and sustainable products. With five products available online and in over 2000 retail locations across Canada, Karen is a trusted brand that provides high-quality, safe and effective supplements.


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