SNACKS: nuts, seaweed, coconut chips, banana chips, smart sweets, water, pb protein balls. I also take an in-flight elixir to keep my hydration up, even at 30,000 ft.

READING MATERIAL: book(s) & magazines

HEADPHONES: to listen to podcasts or watch movies from my device. I have the Bose ones which I’d highly recommend bc they are noise cancelling and even if I’m not listening to anything they help me get some sleep, since I’m a light sleeper on planes!

JUICE: extra charging cords & backup wireless battery in case of emergency lol

HAND SANITIZER: let’s be real.

PEN + PAPER: I always bring a pen & notebook, for when inspiration hits. I love making lists on the plane and mapping out new blog topics etc. I mean, you could also just do this on your phone, but I still like to physically write things out in front of me.

ANTIOXIDANT VITAMIN WATER: I’ve shared this so much times but it really helps to refresh and hydrate skin on long flights. I also love using this under my makeup as a primer or over my makeup as a setting spray!

TISSUES: nothing worse than the sniffles.

TRAVEL WALLET: I don’t carry a big wallet day-to-day, but when I travel I switch what I need over to a larger travel wallet so everything’s in one place. Love this one from Poppy & Peonies (leopard, obvs). Keeps my credit cards, cash & change safely organized and has a place for my boarding pass, passport and travel docs.

EXTRA COZY LAYER: I always keep an extra, super cozy sweater in my carry-on. I’m always freezing on flights so I can pretty much guarantee that it always comes in handy.



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