I’ve been wearing Leah Alexandra Jewelry for yeeaarrsssss. I love that her pieces stand the test of time – even though you’re not technically suppose to, I wear all my bracelets and both necklaces everyday, in the shower + to bed and they still look like new. Two of those necklaces are particularly special to me because they both have engravings on the back for both of my angels, so I can carry them with me everyday. They are special, timeless, heirlooms.

I also had 5 sparked curb chain bracelets. (Not so) funny story – when I had Ryder, because I was heading for surgery they asked that I remove ALL my jewelry. Obviously, I tried to be sneaky about it & took everything off except those bracelets – if you’re not familiar, Leah launched a service called ‘Spark Studio’ where you can get custom bracelets ‘sparked’ to your wrist. They’re basically welded on to your wrist to live forever! And I love mine so much. So I waited until they were about to wheel me into the OR before they finally made me rip them all off. Sad day – but I’m booking an apt. to get them all sealed again.

Since i’m often asked about my everyday jewelry, I’m linking each piece below:

Love Token Round Necklace + Love Token Square Necklace (these both have engraving on the back)
wearing Love Token Round Necklace + Love Token Square Necklace + St Christopher Necklace

Today, I’ve partnered with Leah Alexandra Jewelry for Day 3 of my 12 Days X Giveaways series!
Head over to my Instagram for details.



  1. I love Leah Alexandra!! Got sparked for the first time a few months back from your influence :)

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