Eyebrows have gone through quite the transformation throughout my lifetime. Back in high school, super pencil thin eyebrows were highly coveted. Then came a more natural look. Then the crazy spike look. And then... I found a MUCH more calmed down version on Instagram, by the handle of @browsbysimer. Take a peek, and you’ll get exactly what I mean.

I’ve always wanted help on my brows but I’ve always been WAY too chicken shit to do anything about it. Here’s the thing – I don’t want to look like a different person. I just want my brows to be full and fluffy! Basically, I’ve seen everything I don’t want, and trying something new always felt like too much of a gamble to fully commit. The thought of microblading crossed my mind for a hot second, before quickly coming to my senses, obviously I COULD NEVER. It seems too intense, too permanent (even though I hear they do lighten over time).

Then my girlfriend Ally told me that I needed to go see Simer – she could recommend first-hand, because that’s where she goes. SO, I did a thing and got them done. It was a freaking big deal for me LOL, but I came out so happy with them. Actually, as I type this I’m realizing that I’m coming up on the 6-weeks since I got them first done – and I need a repeat! The only thing I might do differently this time around, is get a slightly lighter tint.

+ trim
+ clean up
+ wax
+ fill-in
+ highlight & laminate

Needless to say, I will be booking my next apt so that I can have fluffy, lifted, and defined brows forever! Simer let me know that the more you do this treatment, the better your brows will laminate!


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