As we all know, I have a deep obsession with organization. I’ve been making my way, room by room through our house, trying to get every closet, drawer & cabinet organized. I still have a long-ass way to go, but here’s the breakdown of all the items I have found + used [so far] to organize our linen closet. The reel I shared with you over on IG about this seemed to resonate, so I thought it might be helpful to break it down for you here, in detail. I didn’t actually use a TON of items, but what I did order has truly maximized our storage space in there.


STACKING IS A PLUS: there are a lot of sets you can get on Amazon that are stackable bins/boxes – this is really helpful for maximizing your space. I love the transparent storage bins for things like random candlesticks and loose items, or any diffuser accessories/charging cords I want put away, but easily accessible.

USE YOUR CORNERS: there are also a lot of 2-tier organizers that fit into the corner, which I think is so smart! I keep all of our match bottles & boxes and extra candle accessories here.

CREATIVE SOLUTIONS: I’m not a fan of seeing a lot of plastic packaging etc., not very pleasing to the eye. So, to avoid this I’ve been storing all our back-stock of toilet paper & paper towels in these huge totes I found at HomeSense. We buy in bulk from Costco, so there’s plenty to be stored away for later use.

CLEANING CADDY: we’ve got 3 bathrooms to keep clean upstairs, so to avoid having to make multiple trips up & down, I bought this cart on wheels to keep all the cleaning supplies I need. It can wheel from room-to-room which is super convenient and I stocked it up with every I could possibly need, from dry erasers, toilet scrubbers, windex, extra cloths – the works!

I’m sure that as time goes on, I’ll continue to collect different organization systems and keep switching things around, but for now this is what’s working. Scroll down to get my organization items below:


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  1. Jenna Yeomans says:

    Definitely need to organize!!!! A certan barefoot dreams blanket would always be on my bed though ***

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