Every now and again I am reminded just how important self-care is. Some hear ‘self-care’ and think a number of things…. that’s easy for you, you don’t have kids, it leads a selfish mentality, it’s indulgent. On the flip side I’ve been hearing a lot of people jumping on the wellness train specifically when it comes to talking self-care. Its become such a ‘fad’ lately, its hard to tell who really leads with what they say [or not]. What does self-care mean to you?

For me, it’s become a check-in with myself. A time to retreat inside and get centered from whatever might be going on inside/around me. Without getting into specifics, I’ve been going through a lot personally and have found self-care to be such a positive rebound for my emotional and mental state.

If I had to break it down, there are six main things I do for myself that I would classify in the ‘self-care’ category:

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  1. hydrate: we all know I love my morning collagen water with fresh lemon slices. Water is the foundation of a healthy mind, body & complexion. Aside from the obvious reasons you should be drinking water, I’ve found it really beneficial for my skin. The more water I drink, the more hydrated and plump my skin gets, which results in a super healthy, fresh, youthful glow. When I’m slacking on my water intake I start to feel sluggish and can usually see it appear in fine lines or dull looking skin.
  2. daily rituals: figure out what makes you feel good and do that. Set the tone of your day. I like to light a candle or some palo santo to clear the energy and create ambiance before I dive into an hour of emails. Find little daily rituals that help you move through the day. It’s helped me create much better habits and keep them.
  3. read something stimulating: maybe for you it’s online articles or blogs. For me, it’s reading books on mindset, philosophy, business & the stories of others building businesses. I’m in the process of compiling a list to share here of resources I keep going back to.
  4. beauty tools: using beauty tools like my Clarisonic Mia Smart is another daily ritual I like to do to treat myself to luxurious skincare. Sure, it takes a few minutes to run through the brush heads [step 1: cleanse, step 2: firming massage, step 3: awakening eye massager] but I think it’s worth it. Taking the time to take care of my skin every day adds up and over time I do see noticeable differences in the brightness, smoothness and texture of my skin.
  5. move: it’s no secret that the main reason I workout is for my mental sanity. When things start to build up, it’s my release. Through the years I’ve noted not to let it get to that point so I make it a priority to excercise — or at the very least, get outside for a walk to clear my head and shift my energy.
  6. rest: one of the hardest lessons for me, was to learn when to rest and not to quit. Quitting is easy. Resting to recover and re-adjust is so much tougher. I’ve learned to listen to my body and not feel guilty if I need to cancel my plans and take a bath and read. When my tank is empty, I’m no good to anybody. Gotta look out for number one.

What are some ways you practice self-care?


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