I was organizing underneath the sink in our laundry room over the weekend and naturally, had to document. Its crazy how therapeutic it feels to literally dismantle each and every square inch of your space. Since we moved in, we sort of just threw things into drawers & cupboards, without much thought – knowing we’d circle back to organize later. Well, that time has come.

I recently put in a big order to Amazon, purchasing all kinds of containers & organization systems. I didn’t want to buy too much – not knowing the real size or quality – so I figured I could wait to see how things measured up once they arrived, before ordering more or giving you my stamp of approval. Providing all links below as well, but just know that everything and anything I source on Amazon, is already linked on my Amazon storefront!

clear stackable drawers | wire stackable drawers | clear bins

If you’re into this type of content (personally, I’m OBSESSED with everything organization) leave a comment below so I know it’s something you’d want to see more of! I can document as I continue to organize all other areas / spaces in our house.


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  1. Stephanie says:

    I love the organization posts! Please keep them coming! Your new home is soo beautiful. Going to take your tips on organizing my space too. xo ***

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